Friday, June 19, 2009

Daily Thoughts

Can't wait until tomorrow - get to go thrift shopping. Woo-hoo. On another note am I the only one who gets disappointed in the way the house is decorated. Sometimes I just want to start all over. I told hubby this morning that I was going to have one more garage sale and get rid of this stuff in here. A lot of it isn't working out too well. Nothing goes together and nothing matches. There are way too many pieces of broken furniture that can't be fixed. Besides you can't do much with particle board furniture anyway. Note to self - start checking stuff before you buy it to make sure it isn't particle board.

So on my shopping list for now.

- Would love two new couches instead of the family hand me downs we have - they neither one match each other
- A dining room table and chairs (to replace our particle board dining table)
- A desk for the living room (to replace our particle board desk that's broke)

I'll leave it at that for now but I have so much still to do when we can afford it. Hopefully when we're done paying child support this year we'll have the extra cash to do it.

My to do list

- Paint the living room and put new flooring down
- New flooring in the kitchen and paint cabinets white
- Paint the bedroom, new flooring and re-attach it (don't ask)
- Paint back bathroom cabinets and all - new flooring and new counters
- Paint Daughters room
- Paint sons room and new flooring and ceilings
- Build storage shed for DH so he can put his tools outside and reclaim back room
- Finish back deck and find some great buys to put out there.
- Finally talk hubby into cutting down huge Oak Tree in front of house. Not only is it a spider den but it's too close to the house and living in hurricane territory that's not good.


Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Good luck on your shopping list & your to do list. I'm afraid to make lists as I'm sure I wouldn't complete it. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

Unknown said...

I feel your pain. I have a little notebook with all my 'wants' in it. Each room has its own page with a list of what I want to buy and/or change in the room. I mark off things as they are accomplished. It seems the list just grows, though.