Saturday, August 29, 2009

Garage Saling and Thrifting 8/30

Boy am I wore out. I learned today I really need to start bringing a camera with me. There were so many interesting stories to tell. Two ladies that bought two big dolls at one garage sale and I kept running into them at the other garage sales. They would bring the dolls with them to the other garage sales and try clothes on the dolls and just laugh. Seemed to be having fun to me. There were a couple other ladies who would get the garage sale owners to try on their hats they were selling. Wonder if they were taking pics for the web.

I got disappointed at a lot of the garage sales today because the prices were outrageous. Is $2 for a used baseball high to anyone else or just me. I did get the kids a couple child sized baseball gloves - one was $2 and one was $3. At one garage sale in a beautiful plantation home they had a deal - load a bag with clothes for $2. Hubby got a lot of nice church shirts out of that deal. I thought I happened upon a great buy when I found the kids a slip and slide brand new for $1. Realized when we got home that it's hard to slide down it without the inflatable boogie board that was supposed to have been with it. I'll have to sneak over to my mom's tomorrow and steal one of her inner tubes for the pool.

Here are pics of my other buys for today along with my Kroger receipt showing my savings there today. Now I think I'll take it easy the rest of the evening.

Total savings today - $114.37

Games .50 each

These cups were a quarter each. Didn't realize until I got home that the one in the middle has a small crack.

This top was $1 and the jacket for DD was also $1

The Mary Kate and Ashley dress was $2, the one in the middle was $1 and the skirt was $1.

The only DVD I found today that I would buy $1 - I'm sorry but I refuse to pay $3-$4 for a used DVD.

One another note DH came home from work yesterday and asked me to go outside and get the box of chicken out of his truck. I was so peeved because I was taking a survey and didn't understand why he couldn't bring it in himself. So I marched out there and grabbed it and brought it in the house and was about to toss it on the table when he asked me to look inside and see if they'd put the biscuits in there. So I open it up to find this "chicken" instead.

He found her at one of the log mills where he works. Any suggestions on how to get fleas off a kitty this small.


Beth said...

Awww what a cute little kitty! Sorry, no suggestions for fleas other than giving him a bath in flea shampoo made for cats. Good luck.

The Queen of Clearance said...

I hate spending 3 dollars for a dvd used at a garage drives me nuts. lol. those cups are super cute! All the stuff you got is a great buy! good job saving 114 dollars at kroger. I think the most I have ever saved at a grocery store was 50 dollars or so.

The Lazy Peacock said...

oh, that kitten is so adorable! i hope you can keep her, i wish i had advice on fleas, but do not - sorry! good luck!

Tarva said...

Such a cute kitty. I think Hartz makes a flea guard - it is in a little vial and you put it on the kitten's back.

Great buys today.

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

You did so great with your Kroger shopping!

Oh the kitty is adorable! I think I would call a vet and ask. They do have those vial thingies but I don't know if there are age restrictions and I don't think they work instantly.


southerninspiration said...'s what to do about the fleas...bathe her in Dawn dishwashing detergent since they are too little to use chemicals or flea products. My son worked at a vet's office and that's what he said do...recently when we got a new puppy, she had fleas bad, and we bathed her in Dawn.....worked like a charm. However, you may need to check her for Tapeworms as they get them from being flea infested......hope this helps.


Nori said...

I loved the story of your DH and kitty! He/she is too cute!

Susie Q said...

You can probably do without the boogy board on the slip n slide...put a few splashes of liquid dishwashing saop or a dollar store shower about slippery!

deb said...

We love that movie, Holes. Yes, $3 is ridiculous! The retro cups are too cute.

Yes, a bath with Dawn dish soap for the fleas. What a cutie!!

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

I love those cups!! I have found 7 I think, so far. My cats killed 3 of them. Most are Christmas themed. You can see them on my blog a few posts back.

I agree, I dont want to pay $4 for a yard sale DVD either.

What a cute little kitty!! Advantage works great, but of course, it isnt cheap. I gave our tiny kitty less than a regular dose and it worked fine.

Anny said...

I'm with you on dvds - $1 or nothing! You found some cute clothes in spite of the high prices and I'm glad the chipped cup was the least cute of all three :D

Julie said...

I had to clean a kitten one time just some mild soap and warm water and about an hour of picking the fleas off while the kitten is in the warm water... Good luck...I am having a give a-way to celebrate my 1 month Blogoversary.... Please stop over.

Alicia said...

What a cute kitten! You did great on those clothes too. Great prices!

I think the used baseball was a tad high myself.

Visiting from Rhoda's, please stop by and say hello.

Pam @ This Humble House said...

Aw...what a cutey pie! I don't have any advice for the fleas, but I think your hubby sounds a lot like mine. He loves to "lie" to me like that! Have fun with your new baby!

~ Pam

Sue said...

Awww.the kitty is adorable!!!
Make sure to take it to a vet to get a good check.
What are you going to name it? Thrifty? ;-)

Marie said...

Since she's so small you have to be very careful with any flea stuff- it can kill them if it's the cheap stuff. Vet meds like advantage are safe, but you have to get them weighed, my vet has let me use Ivory soap before to help until I get in there for the good stuff. Poor baby! Precious!

Jan said...

What a sweet little chicken leg you have there! LOL! Not sure about the flea question, though!
I'm popping over from Southern Hospitality to see all you finds this week! You got some good deals on the clothes! I'm on the lookout for $1 dvd's too!

Kelli said...

What a sweet kitty!!! Stuffed bag for $2...Awesome!