Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vintage Donald Duck

Curiosity got the best of DH and I this morning and as mentioned in yesterday's post we decided to go back to his cousin's garage sale to see what other treasures she had unpacked. However, when we got there we realized that she had not got a chance to unpack much of anything else because of being so busy with customers. There was one item that was new and it caught my eye and ended up coming home with us.

This Vintage Donald Duck bank was only marked $1. I absolutely love Donald and love watching cartoons of Chip and Dale fighting with him over their tree. Upon getting home with him though we realized that due to sitting out in the sun too long his feet are a little warped which causes him to keep falling forward. Hopefully, once we put some coins in him that will balance him out and he'll quit being so tipsy LOL.

Until next time . . .



Vanessa said...

So much personality in this little vintage Donald. It's so cute. Love the very coy duck-wing-art pose.

Elaine said...

A cute keepsake in the Donald Duck bank. I hope i am feeling well enough to go out to some garage sales this weekend.