Saturday, April 16, 2011

Garage Sales and Remodel

It has been so crazy lately. DH and I have been busy hosting a garage sale and working on the master bedroom. I decided to go ahead and share on the blog even though the walls are still bare. I haven't been able to convince DH to help me hang up pictures in the bedroom yet.

Day two and DH decided to make a big nasty mess by sanding down the drywall to get the room ready to paint. Unfortunately, he didn't warn me before he got started so, as you can see, all our clothes and blankets got covered.

A few days later the bedroom was done. Knowing it would cost too much to replace the outdated paneling on the other three walls we decided to paint them instead.

While painting DH made the ultimate decision to do the ever so popular accent wall instead of painting the whole room. The other three walls were left white and the back wall where the bed sits got a few coats of "Willow." We made the decision to sell our old waterbed headboard and two end tables in our garage sale. When we start visiting the yard sales next month we'll be on the lookout for replacements, preferably in white or to be painted white. In the meantime we're making temporary use of a plastic three drawer bin and my stool from the kitchen.

Also on the list - a bin long enough to properly store all that gift wrap. We had old bi-fold doors on our closets. They took up so much room when opened and didn't allow access to the back of the closets so we made the decision to remove them. After comparing the prices of sheets verses curtains I finally decided to use curtains in place of the doors. I found these curtains and rods at Wal-Mart and fell in love. Please excuse the wrinkles - I was so excited to share with everyone that I didn't even take the time to iron the curtains before I took the picture.

The only thing we weren't able to replace was the outdated carpet but hopefully soon it can be done. I'm thinking I may also be shopping for a new comforter set to match the Willow wall color.

Sorry for the blurry pics - I seem to be having problems with my camera lately and am thinking that I may be in the market for a new one soon.

Until next time . . .



Susan said...

Your room is shaping up nicely!

BBV said...

I love the fun of getting to start over and hunt down new treasures. I also had the curtain problem. Ultimately I went the drop cloth route. Window coverings now, something else later!