Saturday, August 8, 2015

Friday Sales

Friday the kids and I had a job to do but as soon as we were done we decided to hit a couple Garage Sales that were in our local area. The first one was mostly kids clothes with the exception of a box of Wilton Cake Pans. I paid $2 a piece for 8 plus $2 for a Nordic Ware cake pan. All are going in my Ebay store even though some are very cute and I'm tempted to keep them, however, I just don't bake much. The second Garage Sale was a bust - way overprice and even though I did let my daughter buy a clock for $5 I regretted that after I got home and realize it had two cracks in it. The sign at the bad Garage Sale was good for a laugh though - it read at the bottom "Crap you may need." That's a first for me.

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