Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ah Saturday

So today DH and I loaded up the kiddos and took a road trip. We wanted to hit the super cheap thrift store my daughter in law keeps bragging about but when we did finally find it it was closed. I'll have to call and find out their hours. However, we found something just as good. The Goodwill Store. Now I know I talk horrible about the ones we have around here because they are super expensive. This one was in a town about an hours drive away from us and I was blown away. I could only wish ours was as good as that one. Lots of .49c tags and a big sign on the door saying "Everything in store 50% off today." Woohoo.

Also, even though it was after noon we did happen upon one yard sale. Oh, you'd thought I was pulling DH's teeth getting him to stop because he was not in a yard saling mood today but he gave in. I found two lampshades for $1 each and tried both of them on my Goodwill lamp that I posted last week. Unfortunately, neither of them looked right on it so in my yard sale next week they go. Sitting on another table a shoebox. Exciting huh. What was in the shoebox? Woohoo, vintage Christmas ornaments. The blue and yellow ones are so neat because they have little spinners in them, kind of like those things kids blow on to make them go round - which right now I can't think of the name at all. **Update - I found them on ebay - vintage confetti plastic christmas spinners ornaments - for lots of only 3 they are selling around $30 or more. DH about passed out because I got a whole shoebox full of these things for $1***

My goodwill finds will be posted later in the week but until then Happy Thrifting.


Beth said...

You have The Crabb Family on your playlist!! I love them! I've met them and they are so super nice. I just posted about seeing Jason again last Thursday....go check it out!

Debra said...

Oh, I wish I could find vintage Christmas bulbs!

Our Goodwill Stores are way too high too.

Angela said...

I'm always on the hunt for vintage Christmas ornaments...what beautiful ones in this picture. Thanks for sharing.