Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yes I am a Gamer

So lately I've been on the lookout for two things. Paperboy 1 & 2 for the NES. If anybody remembers these they are the first gaming system Nintendo came out with what was it the 80's. No, it wasn't my first gaming system though - that would have been the Atari (which we still have).

Anyway, I never realized until looking on ebay and Shopgoodwill for these two games how much the games are going for nowadays. I bid $5 for a box of 20 NES games and was seriously outbid on Shopgoodwill so I'll just have to keep searching garage sales and flea markets for them. Here is my NES and how do you like that old TV - still works.

My story today is about a lucky break I had a year ago. My stepson bought a mobile home and parked it in front of our house (LOL - I know). The people who lived in it apparently didn't want any of their stuff because it was full of everything. While touring it with him I bent down and said "Well at least they left you a brand new toaster still in the box." When I opened the box, however, I realized it was my lucky day for the box was full of NES games.

These probably would have cost me a pretty penny online. I also have more hiding around the house in closets and such but these are all the ones out of the box - minus the couple that are next to the NES.

P.S. - yes my TV and NES are in DD's room because her v-smile is hooked up to it too and she just happened to sneak into the picture. LOL

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