Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reunions and Rainy Sales

This weekend we had every intention of going to the garage sales in town. However, Mother Nature had other plans and it rained most of the week and most of the day Saturday! Ugh! I did manage to make it to one garage sale Friday hosted by DH's cousin who sells the stuff from storage buildings. DH was with me so we ended up with a lot more than I usually do. He picked out two jars of homemade jelly and a window for his shed he's building. His total was $22. Then I found DH two pairs of jeans, DS a pair of jeans and a shirt and DD found a shirt and a pair of rain boots. Plus when the kiddos are with us they always finds toys. My total for Friday was $33.25 so I guess that made up for everything we missed Saturday :)

DD's $2 rain boots.

Today was our yearly family reunion. The kids love it because it means swimming in the big pool plus a super water slide. It was so hot that I was tempted to jump over in there clothes and all myself. Here's pics of the kids having fun.

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Vanessa said...

Those rain boots are too sweet, love 'em!

Charlotte said...

Found your site through At home with Elaine. Glad to meet another die-hard garage saler and Goodwill shopper. Please visit my site for all of my goodies.
P.S. New follower