Saturday, August 29, 2009

Garage Saling and Thrifting 8/30

Boy am I wore out. I learned today I really need to start bringing a camera with me. There were so many interesting stories to tell. Two ladies that bought two big dolls at one garage sale and I kept running into them at the other garage sales. They would bring the dolls with them to the other garage sales and try clothes on the dolls and just laugh. Seemed to be having fun to me. There were a couple other ladies who would get the garage sale owners to try on their hats they were selling. Wonder if they were taking pics for the web.

I got disappointed at a lot of the garage sales today because the prices were outrageous. Is $2 for a used baseball high to anyone else or just me. I did get the kids a couple child sized baseball gloves - one was $2 and one was $3. At one garage sale in a beautiful plantation home they had a deal - load a bag with clothes for $2. Hubby got a lot of nice church shirts out of that deal. I thought I happened upon a great buy when I found the kids a slip and slide brand new for $1. Realized when we got home that it's hard to slide down it without the inflatable boogie board that was supposed to have been with it. I'll have to sneak over to my mom's tomorrow and steal one of her inner tubes for the pool.

Here are pics of my other buys for today along with my Kroger receipt showing my savings there today. Now I think I'll take it easy the rest of the evening.

Total savings today - $114.37

Games .50 each

These cups were a quarter each. Didn't realize until I got home that the one in the middle has a small crack.

This top was $1 and the jacket for DD was also $1

The Mary Kate and Ashley dress was $2, the one in the middle was $1 and the skirt was $1.

The only DVD I found today that I would buy $1 - I'm sorry but I refuse to pay $3-$4 for a used DVD.

One another note DH came home from work yesterday and asked me to go outside and get the box of chicken out of his truck. I was so peeved because I was taking a survey and didn't understand why he couldn't bring it in himself. So I marched out there and grabbed it and brought it in the house and was about to toss it on the table when he asked me to look inside and see if they'd put the biscuits in there. So I open it up to find this "chicken" instead.

He found her at one of the log mills where he works. Any suggestions on how to get fleas off a kitty this small.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Garden Veggies - Free

Guess what I'm going to be doing today.

Yep you guessed it - putting up okra. How does this relate to being thrifty you ask? Well a couple from our church gave us all this (plus a little more we shared with MIL) for free - all we had to do was pick it. Sunday they gave us a 5 gallon bucket full. This is the second batch they've gave us. Sunday's batch gave us 10 quart bags full.

They also gave us a bag of yellow squash and a bag of cucumbers. Gotta love generous friends. We can eat healthy this winter.

Happy thrifting.

Friday, August 21, 2009


So I figured I'd post this as my thrifty finds of the week since the listing for garage sales in the paper were few. From where we live the city we go garage saling at is over 30 miles away so unless there at least 5 or more garage sales it's not worth it to drive that far. So me and DS went to WalMart instead. Here are some of my brags.

I bought this lampshade for my goodwill lamp purchased a few weeks ago. DH said I finally found the right one - I'm not so sure. What do you think? This is from the Better Homes and Gardens collection and was on clearance for $11

At our local IGA I managed to get these great buys. The bananas were .79 for each pack and the huge pack of zucchini was priced at $1. Looks like a salad is on the menu for tonight.

Found this shirt for DH on clearance at WalMart - priced $3. They had some more but it's hard to shop for him without him there with me cause he has certain taste in clothes.

I got all this free at WalMart using free product coupons except for the Jello which was marked down .25 a box and with the .55 blinkie floating around it was free with .05 overage. I would have bought more but this WalMart has gotten particular with the one like coupon per transaction, particularly on clearance stuff, so I decided not to press my luck. Last time they made me so upset I walked out and didn't buy anything.

Happy Thrifting everyone!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Very Few Garage Sales

So today we had a busy day ahead of us. First garage sales. There were very few listed in the paper but we hit around 7 of them. Not much to brag about though.

This little Bobble Head cost .25c

This apothacary(spell) jar cost .75c

Also got DD a dress for $1, me a skirt for $1, a handful of Christian CD's $2.20 for all and a workout VHS for .50.

Then off to Kroger. Spent over 2 hours in there trying to figure out coupon deals and I know when I go through my box there are going to be so many I could have used and forgot about. Figures. But the grand total was $77 and change and the total savings was $83 and change. So 52% wasn't too bad. It would have been better but DH thinks when we go to a grocery store he's got to load the buggy with fruit which I'm proud of him because it's healthy but unfortunately, no coupons, which got my total on up there.

Happy Thrifting everyone.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Thoughts on Tomorrow

Got my list set up for tomorrow - at least 7 garage sales and then off to Kroger for Super Doubles - coupons doubled up to $1.

Check out this site to learn what the best buys are going to be and Happy Couponing and Thrifting.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Garage Sales

Around here we have cases of weekly garage sales that can start any day of the week. My DH's cousin loves to start hers on Wednesday. This Wednesday her neighbor across the street decided to join in with her. I got DS some shirts and him and DD some toys (can't shop at garage sales with kids without ending up with toys). However, here are a few brags from today.

Purse - $1 - it's actually pink but not sure if it's showing up that way on camera.

Gumball machine from Carousel Company - $2

And my favorite find of the day antique lamp - $6

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday 8/8

Today we got up and went to our second estate sale. This was one where they open the house up and just give people boxes and let you shop. Prices were high but I did find a few things. Pyrex bowl was $3 - and three bags of Christmas ornaments $1 each - plus a Waverly decorating book for $1.

One bag of ornaments I bought for the knee hugger in the middle.

I bought one bag of ornaments just for this guy.

One bag contained these four guys - one doesn't want to sit right so he's propped up on the Pyrex.

Also we hit a few garage sales. I got DD a Disney Princess vanity for $5, a dress for $2 (pictured) and a few other items of clothes for DS. Some other highlights pictured below.

This is DD's $2 dress and will be perfect for Easter.

The Waverly book came from the estate sale. All the other Christian books were from garage sales and priced from .25c up (the highest paid was $1 for the one on top). Cute little bear lamp for $2 (wanted to talk them down but found out my cousin was having the garage sale and decided to give her $2 for it).

Also picked up 4 VHS tapes (mostly Disney cartoons) for $3.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday 8/7

Hit one garage sale today while out picking up some chicken leg quarters for DH - $19.99 for a 40 pound case. Good deal. Even better deal. Jacket and matching top for . . . well I guess I'll leave you in suspense for a moment.

See the kiddos and I committed highway robbery. We seriously thought the owners daughter had gave us the wrong price and the owner would come out at any time and run us down and tell us "No, I can't sell that for that price." We hauled butt. LOL

See here's the reason we were scared of getting ran down by the owner. Bad pics but I'll post the prices.

One jacket brand new from Dillards $89.00 - one top to match jacket brand new from Dillards $79.00 for a grand total of $160.00 + tax.

My price at garage sale - $1 + no tax.

Happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shopped My Own Yard Sale

Since I had my own garage sale this past weekend and didn't get to go to any I figured I'd show you something I got from my own sale. My friend put some stuff in there also and I just had to snatch up this nifty deviled egg plate. We eat deviled eggs all the time so this will definitely get plenty of use and my total - $2

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Own Garage Sale

So what happens when a garage saler doesn't go to the sales. They have their own. Now my pockets are fuller and my house is emptier and it's time to go back to the garage sales.