Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goodwill 50% off day and more

So as promised I'm posting pictures of some of my Goodwill finds from Saturday.

What a sweet glass with ladybugs on it.

My $1 lamp

Two Christmas bells and a Christmas ornament with Merry Christmas 1981 printed on it. I love things with history and me and DH have come up with all sorts of stories of the family or young married couple who might have bought this ornament back in 1981.

Scarecrow and Mr. Pumpkin will probably go in my fall decor and doesn't this shaker just make you want to say "Groovy baby." Okay maybe you would have to see it in some way besides a picture to see all the wild colors and patterns.

Here are some more pictures of my ornaments scored at the garage sale.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ah Saturday

So today DH and I loaded up the kiddos and took a road trip. We wanted to hit the super cheap thrift store my daughter in law keeps bragging about but when we did finally find it it was closed. I'll have to call and find out their hours. However, we found something just as good. The Goodwill Store. Now I know I talk horrible about the ones we have around here because they are super expensive. This one was in a town about an hours drive away from us and I was blown away. I could only wish ours was as good as that one. Lots of .49c tags and a big sign on the door saying "Everything in store 50% off today." Woohoo.

Also, even though it was after noon we did happen upon one yard sale. Oh, you'd thought I was pulling DH's teeth getting him to stop because he was not in a yard saling mood today but he gave in. I found two lampshades for $1 each and tried both of them on my Goodwill lamp that I posted last week. Unfortunately, neither of them looked right on it so in my yard sale next week they go. Sitting on another table a shoebox. Exciting huh. What was in the shoebox? Woohoo, vintage Christmas ornaments. The blue and yellow ones are so neat because they have little spinners in them, kind of like those things kids blow on to make them go round - which right now I can't think of the name at all. **Update - I found them on ebay - vintage confetti plastic christmas spinners ornaments - for lots of only 3 they are selling around $30 or more. DH about passed out because I got a whole shoebox full of these things for $1***

My goodwill finds will be posted later in the week but until then Happy Thrifting.

Garage Sale Friday

Uh, what a weekend. DH completely knocked me out of being able to go to garage sales again working on another vehicle. However, there was one down the road yesterday that I slipped to. Mostly kids stuff. The kids were happy with their finds . . .

Picked up this lamp for DD for $1 - completely thought it was a Disney princess and kept wondering which one she was until I got home and DH informed me that it was Fiona from Shrek.

DS is a complete Batman fan and for .50 each I found him these two videos and threw in TMNT just to see if he'd be interested in them.

They also got a Spongebob umbrella, a stick riding horse and a pack with about 10 Mickey Mouse rings. Total spent for everything $4

On another note I decided to take a picture of Miss. Sugar yesterday to share. She kept giving me the "Go away - you're crazy" face.

I'm going to try to talk DH into taking me to a town not far from us this afternoon. Rumor has it, they have this great thrift shop where they give you a bag when you walk in the door and tell you to fill it up for $5. If not they have a pretty good sized Goodwill.

Next weekend no garage sales for me again but this time not DH's fault. It will be one of those few times during the year when I actually break out the boxes and tables and throw my own. Ever notice how going to them is a lot funner than having them.

Happy Thrifting everyone.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yes I am a Gamer

So lately I've been on the lookout for two things. Paperboy 1 & 2 for the NES. If anybody remembers these they are the first gaming system Nintendo came out with what was it the 80's. No, it wasn't my first gaming system though - that would have been the Atari (which we still have).

Anyway, I never realized until looking on ebay and Shopgoodwill for these two games how much the games are going for nowadays. I bid $5 for a box of 20 NES games and was seriously outbid on Shopgoodwill so I'll just have to keep searching garage sales and flea markets for them. Here is my NES and how do you like that old TV - still works.

My story today is about a lucky break I had a year ago. My stepson bought a mobile home and parked it in front of our house (LOL - I know). The people who lived in it apparently didn't want any of their stuff because it was full of everything. While touring it with him I bent down and said "Well at least they left you a brand new toaster still in the box." When I opened the box, however, I realized it was my lucky day for the box was full of NES games.

These probably would have cost me a pretty penny online. I also have more hiding around the house in closets and such but these are all the ones out of the box - minus the couple that are next to the NES.

P.S. - yes my TV and NES are in DD's room because her v-smile is hooked up to it too and she just happened to sneak into the picture. LOL

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Redone Hutch

So today I finally decided to break down and redecorate my hutch and clean all the clutter off of it. Unfortunately, it's bad about becoming a catch all. This hutch was bought at a garage sale for $60 - a little more than I like to pay for anything but it was DH's cousins garage sale and I don't haggle with her much since she's family. Lucky for me, it was already painted white so I didn't have to do anything to it.

Before - told you it was a mess

After - one of these days when we redo our kitchen cabinets all my cookbooks are going over there but in the meantime they live here.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I actually got to hit some anyway

So today was going to be one of those days - so I thought. DH was off working which meant we weren't going into town garage saling. However, he did need me to go to the bank up the road so off I went just knowing I wouldn't find a garage sale out here since we live way out in the country. Surprised as I was, I found two.

The first garage sale I hit was one of those that kind of creeps me out a little. Instead of the woman being outside running it she was letting her husband run it for her. Sweet as he was, he was one of those guys that follows you around the whole time you're looking trying to talk you into buying stuff. For $3 I did purchase 3 things from this garage sale.

The next was right up the road in a vacant building. Two seperate families were holding this one so you had to go to one side of the building first and pay that family for what you got on that side - then go the other side and do the same. From the left side family we got all this plus a skateboard for DS for $8. Two of the pairs of shoes are brand new and lucky for me they were DD's size. So now that's one less pair of school shoes I have to buy. Here's DD showing off her buys.

From the right side family I was lucky enough to find these two Pyrex bowls for $1.25

****Don't forget to also check out my two other posts below showing my Goodwill finds and my freebies from the flea market. Happy Thrifting****

Friday, July 17, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

So I'm participating in show and tell Friday at Kelli's

As you can tell I don't take the best pictures and they come out a little bright but I wanted to show this picture I found at a garage sale for $1. I thought it was so cute and brought it home and hung it in the bathroom.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goodwill Trip

I'm going to participate in Thrifty Thursdays again at

Had to take my DS to the dentist today so while I was already in town I decided to hobble into GW (broke toe and all.) I normally don't go there much because they've gotten so expensive but my curiosity got the best of me today. For $10 plus tax I got all this plus a pair of shoes for DD.

The lamp is so romantic/Victorian looking and an extra surprise for me when I plugged it up - the bottom globe lights up too. It's missing two baubles but I'm just going to take the one on the bottom and put it in the loop on top so it won't be too noticeable. Now to find a lampshade for it.

*** Don't forget to check out my post below this one showing off my free flea market finds****

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It didn't cost me a dime!

Today on my way back home I decided to stop at a flea market run by a good friend of mine. I noticed she had a table with everything .25c out front and wanted to look through it. She brought me a box out and told me if there was anything on that table I wanted to load it up in the box and take it for free. She was about to take it all to Goodwill and that would be less she'd have to take.

So here's what I ended up with - gotta love generous friends.

Guess what's gonna be hung off the bar on my treadmill. (Update) The rag was telling the truth too - I broke my little toe this afternoon so now I'm really in no shape for exercise. LOL

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today's Garage Sale Ad

Only one ad in the paper today for an upcoming garage sale. Does anyone see what's wrong with this one?

MY ONCE A Year Yard Sale! Everything from clothes to tools. Fabric, yard items, furniture, books, glass items, cooking items, a little bit of everything. If you've been here before, you know what to expect. Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 6Am- til hot!

It seems to be missing an address. LOL

Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Napkins After All

So today while I was washing and putting all my garage sale finds from this weekend up I tore the tape off what I thought was red, green and gold napkins to find this instead. Guess what's getting turned into a Christmas tree skirt.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Very Hot Garage Sale Saturday

DH and I ventured out on a hot Louisiana day to hit some 25 sales that we'd seen advertised. The Lemonade stands were plenty although we didn't buy any. Some of the garage sales were priced high. However, we got lucky at a few. At one the grown-ups had stepped aside and let the kids determine the price of everything and the kids whenever asked how much something was always said .50 cents. One garage sale featured an elderly gentleman who was helping his family out. He saw me looking at a partial set of China and went to telling me the story of them and how he'd tried to sell them all day and nobody wanted them. Needless to say, he tugged at my heartstrings and I asked him how much. He quoted me $8 and I helped him out by buying them even though I wasn't completely sure I wanted them.

Anyway here is our haul for today.

The shelf was $8
The set of china plates from the elderly gentleman is 2 shelf from bottom on the right (accidentally put left earlier).
The other set of pizza plates and mini bowls were $2
The rest of the bowls were .50 each along with the two plates at top.
Birdcage - .50
Footstool under birdcage - .25
Napkin/utensil holder - $1.50 (talked them down)
Hourglass for my collection - $1
Cheese grater - .50
Cheese cloche - $1
The napkins and tableclothes ranged from .25 to $1

**** DH also found a drill but sold it to his son, and also not pictured a Barbie Powerwheels Jeep for $5

Happy Garage Saling Everyone

Friday, July 10, 2009

Funny Ads

Ah - Friday morning - the day I sit down and scan through all the yard sale ads mapping out my route for tomorrow. Sometimes I find one that really tickles me and I just have to share.

Tomorrow, there is a sale on my route promising Antique Coco Cola items. LOL - gotta wonder if it's a typo or if in the ad they submitted did they actually spell it that way.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Three or More Tuesday

I'm going to participate for the first time in another blog that I found. They're hosting Three or More Tuesday.

Or visit by clicking below

Here is my collection of Milk of Magnesia bottles. My kitchen is done in blue and white so these fit right in and for 25 cents each they were a steal.

Don't forget to check out my other post on the blog showing off some of my garage sale finds from a sale I hit today.

A garage sale on a Tuesday!

I'm participating in Thrifty Thursday this week at

How unusual to find a garage sale on a Tuesday. However, as I was taking my sweet hubby to work this morning I passed a yard sale sign that said All week. So after dropping him off I dropped by.

Here's what I ended up with

Bird Dome - $1
Baskets - $1 each ($2)
Movies - .25 each
Extension Cord thingie - .25
Cowboy hat that DS is modeling - $2
Two Skirts - one was $2 and one was $1

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Check out this giveaway and be sure to enter

A great chalkboard giveaway

And a birthday giveaway

4 Books for $1

Ahh what a week. 4th of July falls on a Saturday and you know what that means. Garage sales are few. Plus this is the week when all Pentecostals from our state get together for fellowship and fun at a thing we call Campmeeting. Yep, you guessed it - we're Pentecostal. So uber busy this week and not much time to thrift shop either. However, I saw an ad in the local paper promising to be the Largest Garage Sale our town will have all year. It was held at a church and seemed to be promising. So hubby and kids loaded up in the car with me Friday morning and off we went. All I can say is Yikes. Everything was laid out on the catwalk of the church, nothing was out of boxes, if you wanted to stand around and dig through boxes all day you could get some good buys. I found one box that had books in it and decided to dig since I love to read. Ended up with 4 books at 25 cents each. Seen another box with DVD's and every DVD I opened to make sure they weren't scratched - guess what - wrong DVD in the cases. I never could find any DVD's that matched any of the cases. I figure some people probably bought the DVD's without checking and got home to be very upset and disappointed.

So we saw one more ad in the paper and off to that garage sale we went. This was one of those that give garage sales bad names. All brand new stuff that the seller was vending. You guessed it - purses for $30, sunglasses, flip flops, perfume - all at new prices too. Ugh!!!

The we saw one more ad for an estate sale - ran down the road to find it only to find out that it didn't exist. We found the house number but no signs of any sale going on there. No cars, nothing.

Plus I just found out I won a chalkboard from another fellow blogger. Can't wait - so excited. A big thank you to all the blog owners for taking the time to host giveaways - they're great.