Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Goodwill before Christmas

Christmas has had us very busy, but not too busy for a stop by Goodwill. I walked all over the store and except for finding 3 shirts for myself - one which didn't fit after I got home - I had given up on finding anything that day when DH walked up to me holding an old box. Normally, this is something that I wouldn't have given a second glance but DH is a lot more curious than me and found something great inside.

I tried to find out more about this interesting mosaic ornament on eBay but so far haven't found anything that looks like it yet.

While walking back to the rear of the store to return something we had picked up earlier but decided not to buy we saw something new that had just been brought in from the back. DH quickly grabbed it and ran to the register to check out.

I've seen these chair on eBay and other blogs before but have never been fortunate enough to come across one at a decent price - until now. For $9.99 DH made a great buy.

Until next time . . .