Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I haven't disappeared yet!

Hi - just wanted to let everyone know I haven't disappeared. It's been rainy nasty weather here where we live so no garage sales. We did make it to Goodwill last weekend but not much to brag about. Hopefully, the rain will stop and we'll be back yard saling soon.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

One Garage Sale and Lots of Rain

So I slept in today knowing that it was 90% chance of rain and most of the garage sales listed in the paper would probably never happen. Yesterday, however, I visited my DH's cousin - the one who I know I've mentioned in earlier posts. She buys storage buildings people don't pay for and re-sells the stuff monthly in garage sales. That's where I got my Gone With the Wind Lamp from an earlier post. On the second day of her garage sales she has half price day and knowing I wouldn't be hitting the sales in the city this weekend I decided to see what she had. For $13.75 I got all this.

Then it was off to WalMart with a friend of mine. I didn't buy hardly anything but this caught my eye and I knew I had to try it.

PS - Ms. Rhonda is canceling the Thrifty Treasures Party until spring but around here we garage sale all year long so be sure to add yourself to my followers list to keep up with the garage sale fun.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I forgot to share my pouting baby that I got for free at one of the garage sales today. BTW - please excuse my old beat up couch which I plan to replace one day and my poor stained carpet which is also in line to be replaced. LOL

Also hubby's nephew is a car repo guy - around here isn't like on TV where they take the car and the people can get it back. They sign a release and are allowed to get whatever they want out and then hubby's nephew has to clean them out before he takes them to the bank. Hubby was helping him this evening and this is what I ended up with left in a car.

Vegetable thingie from WalMart

Coach bag - wonder if it's a real one or a fake. Hope it's real. (Some sites I've looked on say it's probably real since the C's are lined up and centered. Some sites make me wonder - not sure. It has a leather tag on the inside that says Handcrafted in China and gives a Serial No. So????

Garage Sales 9/5

So I'm so excited about some of the garage sales we hit today. Most of them were ones that the prices were outrageous - I mean really $5 for a used DVD - get real. But I did happen along a few good buys today along with a couple from yesterday.

This top is homemade and hopefully will fit for .75

Coca Cola T-shirt (like new) .50

Who remembers Clearly Canadian? Do they even still make it? I used to have a set of shakers like these and can't remember what happened to them - $1.75 (more than I would have liked to pay but the nostalgia caved me in)

This cute set of salt and pepper shakers was .10

Cross - $1

My favorite buy of the day and what most of these pics were taken on - Sony Cybershot Digital Camera - $10

Silk Scarf (tag says Lagerfield Parfums) .50

VHS - $1

I bought 5 of these cute custard bowls to fit in my wire rack that I bought at Goodwill a couple months ago and they turned out to be a perfect fit - $1

And finally leaving you with another picture of my little "chicken" Socks.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

IGA and My Two Girls

Just wanted to share the reason I love my local IGA

The pack of apples was .79 and the pack with 5 tomatoes was also .79

Also just had to share my two girls with ya'll. I did manage to get the fleas off baby girl (Socks) with some special kitten shampoo. Thanks for all the tips.