Monday, June 21, 2010

Blue Monday

I'm going to rejoin Blue Monday. I've been so busy lately I haven't had a chance to participate.

My blues I want to share today . . .

Two kids enjoying summer in their new blue swimming pool.

There is a cloud up in the beautiful blue sky that looks just like a kids drawing of a girl smiling down on us. It's hard for a camera to capture what it really looked like but in real life that's exactly what it looked like.

Until next time. . .


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Weekend Sales

First thing I want to wish any daddy's reading this a Happy Father's Day.

This Saturday was a usual garage sale Saturday, nothing exciting. Most of the garage sales did have fair prices with the exception of one which was outrageous. At one garage sale we stopped at there was a couple selling their extensive DVD collection. There were bins full of DVD's - probably around 500 or more. Unfortunately, the prices on most of them was $5 a piece so I passed.

I found one thing for my front porch this weekend. This cute little mosaic table was $4.

Most of what we found this weekend was clothes for the kids.

However, I found this little Christmas cottage that lights up for $1. Also, I found this little bag of arts and crafts supplies for $1 for my Sunday School class.

After the garage sales we also made a stop at Goodwill. I found a lot of clothes for DS and DD which is a good thing because DS is growing like a weed and we can't keep him in pants that are long enough.

My total for this weekend $23

Until next time . . .


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

80% off at Hobby Lobby

Today my mom and I made a trip into town to take DD to the dentist. While we were there we stopped at Hobby Lobby. I normally don't go here much because DH doesn't like Hobby Lobby as much as going to the garage sales. Don't get me wrong, he loves to shop and loves going to Target or places that have a little bit of a manly atmosphere but he's out on Hobby Lobby. So me and my mom take special trips there every so often.

I picked up two things from the 80% Home Decor isle. I've been wanting a new container for my utensils since my old one broke but haven't been able to find what I was looking for at garage sales. Today I found two options. The silver one was $4.40 and the chef one was $7.

Boy you don't realize how dirty the areas of your stove that you don't see everyday are until you see them in a picture :)

When I got home I tried both of them out to see which one worked the best. So which one won out over the other?

The rose patterned on had my utensils lifted so high that they hit the bottom of the cabinet. Trust me I'll find some other use for it because it's so pretty.

Next stop was Micheal's Art store since my mom couldn't find what she was looking for at Hobby Lobby. On the outside they had all sorts of baskets 50% off. I've been wanting one to put my cereal on top of the refrigerator and found the perfect one. It was $9.99 after the 50% was taken off.

Now if I can just find some more goodies to organize my house this summer at the garage sales. That's number one on my list of things to look for this garage sale season is stuff to organize our house.

Until next time . . .


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Not So Good Garage Sale Day

This morning should have been a sign of how today was going to turn out. First thing we left the house and got a few miles down the road just to realize that I had forgotten the garage sale address list. So back we went. Then to the store to pick up DH's morning Coca-Cola (fortunately, I've kicked my Cola habit). When we get there the register isn't working and after about 10 minutes of standing there waiting patiently I give up and put the Coke down and walk off. After all the early bird gets the good deals and I can't waste half an hour waiting for them to get the register working.

We didn't stop at a couple garage sales on the outskirts of town because they both said 8 a.m. and no early birds (most garage sales around here start at 7 a.m.). I didn't want to waste time waiting on them to start and not have anything I'm looking for and then possibly miss a good deal in town so on past them we went.

Today was one of those disappointing garage sale days. There were many overpriced sales. There were 4 sales listed in the paper that when we got to the address we realized they had changed their minds apparently and weren't even having a sale. There was a neighborhood sale in a church building that consisted mainly of new purse booths and people selling jewelry. Then to end the day we left town with two car sick children. They haven't gotten car sick in a year but this morning car sickness reared it's ugly head.

There was one garage sale today that was so overpriced a Trivial Pursuit game was $100. Then when I started to leave the man hosting the sale hollered at me to come back because he had something in his back yard he wanted to show me. Um, Dude, I really don't want to go into your back yard with you by myself. :(

We did find a few things though.

-I've really been wanting to try one of these dryer lint removers and found this one for $1
-This set of blinds to replace the broke ones in DS's room - $1
-I picked up these two math owls for the kiddos since they're both needing to work on their math skills - $2 for both
-The Rubbermaid container was .25 and the Sterlite pitcher was .50
-Crystal Lewis CD - .25
-Pair of School Pants for DS - $1
-The last garage sale of the day DH and the kids scoured by themselves while I was cleaning a mess DS made in the car (car sickness need I say more :). DH picked up the window mirror for $3 and the kids found the toys for $4.25. DS loves playing with Barbie styling heads but wasn't sure she wanted the blonde because someone had colored on her face and messed her hair up pretty good. However, the lady was selling them as a set so we're going to try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on her face and see if we can tame her wild hair.

Today's total - $18.25 - (not pictured a Butane burner that DH found at the last garage sale for $5).

While sitting here typing this up I realize that apparently I signed up for Pink Saturday again this week. Seriously, does anybody know of a way to get your mind functioning again. Mine seems to be on a break lately because I keep forgetting stuff like crazy. I apologize for forgetting to share my Pinkness again this week - can the Barbie heads count LOL.

Until next time . . .


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Goodwill Trips

Summer is my favorite season of the year. I love swimming outside, popsicles, lemonade, garage sales and everything else summer has to offer. One thing I don't like about summer.

Giant horseflies. This is the biggest one I've seen so far this year and he decided to visit my porch this morning.

Yesterday we had to run into town to take care of an errand and DH and I decided to check out the Goodwill store. I'm so glad we did. I've been wanting one of these Stainless Steel Hide and Step trash cans for years but couldn't bring myself to pay $50 or more for one. Yesterday I found one at GW brand new still in the box for $6.99. Happy Dance :)

The kids have been busy this morning drawing pictures of themselves and putting that along with their piggy bank money in their wallets they got yesterday at the GW. It's so cute! DS actually asked me this morning if he could have a credit card to put in the CC slot. I might have to make him a fake one. They are now garage sale ready as they call it and thankfully the rain chances have been lowered to 10% for Saturday so Garage sales here we come. Happy Dance #2 :)

DS also found a twin sheet at GW yesterday that matches his Spongebob Comforter that he found at a garage sale last year and DD found a brand new pair of tights for school next year. DH found himself a HBO glass. I'll never understand his fascination for picking up glasses that totally don't match anything else we have and are too big to store anywhere.

Until next time . . .


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reunions and Rainy Sales

This weekend we had every intention of going to the garage sales in town. However, Mother Nature had other plans and it rained most of the week and most of the day Saturday! Ugh! I did manage to make it to one garage sale Friday hosted by DH's cousin who sells the stuff from storage buildings. DH was with me so we ended up with a lot more than I usually do. He picked out two jars of homemade jelly and a window for his shed he's building. His total was $22. Then I found DH two pairs of jeans, DS a pair of jeans and a shirt and DD found a shirt and a pair of rain boots. Plus when the kiddos are with us they always finds toys. My total for Friday was $33.25 so I guess that made up for everything we missed Saturday :)

DD's $2 rain boots.

Today was our yearly family reunion. The kids love it because it means swimming in the big pool plus a super water slide. It was so hot that I was tempted to jump over in there clothes and all myself. Here's pics of the kids having fun.

Until next time. . .