Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Goodwill Before Christmas

This past weekend we had a daybed gave to my daughter. She's been wanting one of these for a while so we drove to a town an hour away to pick it up. While there we stopped at their local Goodwill store. I'm always amazed by how much cheaper their Goodwill is than the one we have in our town. The prices at the Goodwill store in our town are double what theirs is. I found the kids some shoes and clothes but I also found these . . .
We were some of the first people in the door when they opened and I made a mad dash for this Santa. I've been wanting one of these for a while and he looks great sitting by my front door. He's missing his light but still makes a great door greeter.
These two cute little reindeer were in a basket full of Christmas ornaments. They had .39 stickers on them. I thought they were both so cute and can't wait to add them to my Christmas decor. We have to go back there again next weekend to pick up an antique drop leaf table that the same couple that gave us the bed are selling us for $50. I still can't believe it myself - it's so pretty and I can't wait to share photos. While there I might see if I can sweet talk DH into letting us stop at their Goodwill again. Until next time . . . ThriftyAnnabella