Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Decor

Ahh, Fall is here and procrastination has reared it's ugly head. I've been meaning to share my Fall decor with everyone since the first of October. However, every time I start to do it something else comes up and it gets put off again. I actually can't believe I only have two whole posts for October. I've been procrastinating big time :)

Today I was going to share with you some of my finds from Dollar General's 90% off rack yesterday. However, as soon as I went to take the pictures my camera decided that it's batteries were dead. Glad I found this out before my little guys birthday party Saturday, but, since I don't have any batteries in the house it will have to wait until I go shopping tomorrow.

So, instead I'm going to share my long post-poned Fall decor photos.

Here's my scarecrow couple standing by the door greeting people. That is along with Miss. Sugar. She's always there to great passers-by. This may be the last year for my scarecrow couple though because the cats are having too much fun with them.

Here's my Goodwill candy dish. It's sitting next to me on the couch and is now full of Nerds for a TV viewing snack. :)

My hutch is all adorned for Fall with all my various pumpkins and scarecrows purchased last year at the end of Fall clearance sales.

Lastly, here's my dining table all adorned for Fall. A good friend of mine gave me this candle holder a couple years ago and it makes the perfect Fall accessory.

I haven't got everything photographed though. Also I have a candy dish sitting on the counter full of Mallow-Creme Pumpkins (my favorite). Then there is the scarecrow wreath that I purchased at an earlier garage sale hanging on the door. Funny thing about that is that I'm not used to having a wreath on the door and every time I peek out the peephole I get a good scare - that is until I realize what's there.

Until next time . . .


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Garage Sales Oh MY!

Earlier this week DH and I had discussed whether we wanted to go to garage sales this week. However, the closer it got to weekend the more tired I got and decided I really didn't want to hear the alarm clock going off at 6 a.m. so we decided to sleep in. After getting up around 9:00 we decided to head into town to pay a bill. We never made it to town though before we had to go back home to unload the car. There were garage sales everywhere.

As I pulled into the first one the lady hosting the garage sale came up to me and said everything is $1 unless marked otherwise. Something I always like to hear. She had a leather top end table with a hinged lid on top for $10. I thought about it long and hard but finally decided I didn't have anywhere to put it. I did end up purchasing a hat and a couple things for DH. My single purchase for myself at this sale was this double heart jar filled with oil for $1.

The next garage sale was hosted in a small porch with barely any room to walk. I was getting really aggravated trying to get around people to look at items and finally decided to give up. The homeowners prices were a little high anyway so I figured I wasn't missing much. The kids were with us and they were the only ones that ended up finding anything. DS got a stuffed Bullwinkle for .50 and DD found a Disney Princess clock bath set for $4. I was tempted not to purchase it though because it was in a box full of Christmas gift sets with a sign to say 1/2 off original price. DH and I both figure that someone purchased all that stuff when WalMart had it 75% and was trying to make a little money off of it. DD also got 2 dresses at this one.

The next two sales were being hosted together. It was already after 10:00 and I did not figure that anything good would be left but decided to stop and look anyway. I was so glad I did. Here's a preview of my purchases.

I actually had this exact same washbasin and stand when I was married to my first husband. He took it when we were getting divorced and I've always missed my stand. So imagine my surprise when I saw this yesterday. I told DH I wonder if this is the same one I had before because I found out later my ex sold everything he got out of our old house. For $20 it came home with me - maybe even again :)

For $2 I fell in love with this vase. I actually thought it was an antique until I got home and noticed the Made in China sticker on the bottom. Oh well, it's still beautiful.

My last garage sale purchase of the day was this Burberry purse for $1.

When we did finally make it to town we made a stop by Goodwill to drop off a few things and while in there I found this beauty for $1.99

Until next time . . .