Saturday, May 29, 2010


Oops! I'm sitting here relaxing and realizing that I forgot I was supposed to participate in Pink Saturday at Beverly's. So embarrassed but I do have an explanation. We've been so busy picking up the pieces from a bad storm that blew through here Wednesday and made a mess that I completely forgot. Today was a busy day rebuilding our shed that houses our water well and boy are we wore out.

Again my apologies but to Ms. Beverly Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

Until next time. . .


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Fun

I didn't participate in Today's Thrifty Treasures at Ms. Rhoda's yesterday. I did go to Goodwill but didn't find anything worth picturing. I picked up a Point of Grace Greatest Hits CD set for .99 - which leads me back to my earlier discussion on Goodwill's prices. A 2 CD set was .99 - on down the rack was another of their CD's with only 10 songs on it for 3.99 ???????

I also found a jumbo box of Pampers Kandoo wipes for $6.99. There were 350 wipes and a wipes case inside. The box was beat to heck and back but everything was inside and unopened. DS uses a lot of these so hopefully these will last him a while.

DS went with us that day and also found himself a book and a pair of Rustler blue jeans and DH found some brand new Napa Auto Parts caps for .99 each.

Hopefully, I'm going to have some pictures of the kiddos playing in their newest surprise posted on the blog this week. I finally traded in some of those Amazon GC's I've been earning from Swagbucks and bought the family a pool. The kids are so excited and Mr. UPS man should be delivering it today.

Until next time . . .


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Goodwill Saturday

This Saturday was a sleep in late kind of day. After all the busyness of the past week I was exhausted and looked forward to sleeping in. So instead of garage sales we went to Goodwill instead since I had a box of things to donate. The kids picked up some new clothes and mommy found a few things myself.

The pair of shoes in the middle and on the left were both Goodwill purchases. Brand new Cato shoes with tags still on one pair of them. I never will understand Goodwill's prices though. One pair was $6.99 and one pair was $3.99. I was almost tempted not to get the pair for $6.99 because you can just about find them on clearance at Cato for the same price.

The pair on the right was a Wal-Mart purchase - only $5. I thought these were so adorable.

This little trinket box reminded me of a Wedgewood piece although I don't believe it is. I did a little research on ebay and it resembles an InColay piece more. However, I thought it was pretty and only cost $1.99.

This angel is actually a tree topper. I have a feeling that she's not going to fit on top of a tree too well though because she's pretty tall and heavy. For $1.98 though she'll be a welcome addition to my Christmas decor.

I don't know about anyone else but I love Minnie Mouse. This cup is just screaming hot chocolate.

Last but not least I found this great Rubbermaid container. I love picking these up at garage sales and thrift stores. They're great for storage or to keep your cereal from getting stale. My price - $3.99.

I will be hitting the garage sales again soon though. I love browsing Goodwill but they're prices around here are a bit high. Unfortunately, we don't have any half price days anymore either. Sometimes, as mentioned in an earlier post, I just don't understand Goodwill's prices. I noticed yesterday our Goodwill was trying to sell DVD's for $3.99 that were so horribly scratched up that I had my serious doubts that they would even play.

Until next time Happy Thrifting!!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Garages Sales 5/8

Today we were up and out early trying to hit all the garage sales on a list I had made yesterday. There were over 20 on the list though and some we just had to skip. Here are some of today's highlights.

Our second stop this morning was at an estate sale. The prices were great, not high at all. I found an oil painting I fell in love with to find out it had already been sold for $10. Sniff. However, I did find this great antique looking bowl for $3 and this set of flower petal bowls for $5. The pink poodle bank came from another sale down the road and cost $2.

After we left the estate sale we went down the street where I found all this. I've been wanting something to hang from my bathroom wall cabinet that I shared in an earlier post. These cats and heart should do the job. They cost .50. I fell in love with these dragonfly glasses and this table runner will work great this next Christmas.

At another garage sale later I came across these Santa's with Mrs. Claus. The trio only cost $1.

I also came across these books and DVD's. Not pictured is Charlotte's Web 1 (it's presently in the car DVD player being enjoyed by DS & DD). The Southern Living cookbooks were .50 each. The HeeHaw DVD's were $1 each and never opened and the two Charlotte's Webs were $2 each and the other DVD was .75. They all came from various garage sales.

I found this nice jacket at one sale today for $5. A little more than I usually like to spend but I like having nice coats for church and figured this one was worth it.

I got a kick out of one gentleman at a sale being given by him and his wife today. He kept following me around trying to get me to buy something. His last effort was in trying to get me to buy some of her clothes she had for sale. I politely told him I definitely would have if I were only a size 2 which was all he had for sale. Unfortunately, I haven't seen a size 2 in my closet since my Junior High days. LOL.

Not shown is a stack of children's books given to DS & DD by two ladies hosting a garage sale together. They said they were ready to call it a day already at 9:30 a.m. and was willing to start giving stuff away free just to get rid of it. Also DS & DD at another garage sale picked up a diva door hanger and a puppy notebook with google eyes. DD also picked up the craziest hat at one sale and DH decided to give everyone in town something to laugh at by modeling it.

Overall it was a pretty good day with lots of great stories to tell and treasures to show off.

Until next time . . .

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Garage Sale

As mentioned in an earlier post I went to DH's cousin's storage building sale today. Normally I tend to find more but I believe she got hit hard yesterday by a certain family member of DH. However, I'm not disappointed in what I did find. For $5 I found all of this.

I've actually been wanting a set of these hot rollers and was debating on whether to order some online. However, for $2 I can always clean these up (if they were ever even used) and save money. Also, I love these knives and it only cost me $1. I've seen these selling brand new for over $30. The magazines were thrown in free.

I also picked up these two decorating books for $1 a piece. Here are pics of the insides to show what they are.

Until next time . . .

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Garage Sales the First of May

So I know a lot of you have wondered did we make it to the garage sales or did the rain get us? Thankfully, the rain has held off long enough that we did get to make it out this morning. There were not many sales though due to the threat of impending bad weather.

The first sale we stopped at this morning had tables full of baby clothes. Since I have no babies anymore on down the road we went. On the outskirts of the city there were a couple garage sales. The first one I stopped at didn't have much on the outside but I decided to get out and give it a glance anyway. When I got out of the car a little black poodle ran at me carrying on quite a commotion. I wasn't sure if it was going to bite me but when I realized that it was all bark and no bite I got quite a laugh at it's boldness. At this sale I did find one thing.

This purse cost me $1.

At the next garage sale there were two adorable little Shih-tzu puppies. Growing up we owned a Shih-tzu named Fifi and seeing this lady's two babies brought back a lot of memories. From this garage sale I purchased two things.

I took a chance on this purple tablecloth. It was wrapped in plastic and you couldn't really size it up or see it too good. For $1 I figured it was worth taking the chance.

Also I found this little side table for $5. I'm going to give it a good coat of white paint and also DH is going to trim the bottom (about 1/2 inch) of the legs off a little due to some bad damage.

Next we went into the city to a few garage sales. Unfortunately, it was mostly a lot of baby stuff. I did, however, find this pair of shoes at one garage sales. Unfortunately, I need to start trying shoes on before purchase. They were marked 9 but when I got home and tried them on they felt more like a size 8. Oh well, for $1.50 I wasn't out much money and I'm sure I can find someone in the family they'll fit. They were brand new, never worn.

Until next time . . .