Sunday, May 16, 2010

Goodwill Saturday

This Saturday was a sleep in late kind of day. After all the busyness of the past week I was exhausted and looked forward to sleeping in. So instead of garage sales we went to Goodwill instead since I had a box of things to donate. The kids picked up some new clothes and mommy found a few things myself.

The pair of shoes in the middle and on the left were both Goodwill purchases. Brand new Cato shoes with tags still on one pair of them. I never will understand Goodwill's prices though. One pair was $6.99 and one pair was $3.99. I was almost tempted not to get the pair for $6.99 because you can just about find them on clearance at Cato for the same price.

The pair on the right was a Wal-Mart purchase - only $5. I thought these were so adorable.

This little trinket box reminded me of a Wedgewood piece although I don't believe it is. I did a little research on ebay and it resembles an InColay piece more. However, I thought it was pretty and only cost $1.99.

This angel is actually a tree topper. I have a feeling that she's not going to fit on top of a tree too well though because she's pretty tall and heavy. For $1.98 though she'll be a welcome addition to my Christmas decor.

I don't know about anyone else but I love Minnie Mouse. This cup is just screaming hot chocolate.

Last but not least I found this great Rubbermaid container. I love picking these up at garage sales and thrift stores. They're great for storage or to keep your cereal from getting stale. My price - $3.99.

I will be hitting the garage sales again soon though. I love browsing Goodwill but they're prices around here are a bit high. Unfortunately, we don't have any half price days anymore either. Sometimes, as mentioned in an earlier post, I just don't understand Goodwill's prices. I noticed yesterday our Goodwill was trying to sell DVD's for $3.99 that were so horribly scratched up that I had my serious doubts that they would even play.

Until next time Happy Thrifting!!



Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

GW is driving me crazy too with their high prices. I have clients that I have taken there to shop. They are very low income and they can't even afford GW. Makes me kind of irritated.
I like the cute shoes!

Linda said...

Those GW prices are awful! I try to only shop on Senior Day and that is still only 25% off. Yard sales are much thrifter!! Still you got some pretty good finds.

Linda said...

Those GW prices are awful! I try to only shop on Senior Day and that is still only 25% off. Yard sales are much thrifter!! Still you got some pretty good finds.

Pat Harris said...

I agree with everyone on the prices at Goodwill. I ran a Goodwill store in the Dayton OH area. Our prices were much lower there. Here in TN, you might as well shop at Wal Mart, Target etc. You did find some good things tho. I love the angel. And the little blue box. How cute!!

Susan said...

I think all Goodwills across the country must have taken a price hike!! I hardly shop there anymore because I find better prices at yard sales........I did go Saturday and found a few items at reasonable prices. I will post them on my blog.

Kim said...

Hi, I'm stopping by from Southern Hosp. You found some nice things. Maybe you should consider doing a post on successful garage sale shopping. (I need some tips :)).


You got some great finds there. Although it looks to me, like your GW is more pricey than ours. Still a bargain is a bargain.

The Urban Chic said...

Anna, you found some good deals, but I have to agree with everyone, Goodwill's prices have gone up and even people like me, find it hard to shop there. If you visit my blog, look at the switch flops I bought for $3.49. All the shoes are priced the same and if you buy 2 pairs, it's $6.00. I have been lucky in finding some great deals at good prices. I have them all on my blog and what I did with them. You might have to go 2 pages to see all of them. I don't own a car, so garage saling is out for me unless I borrow a car. My gfs don't like garage sales or Goodwill, but I don't have the money like them to shop any where else. Great shopping. Going to click back and look at all your goodies. Hugs, Pat