Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My 4th of July Plates

So I don't have near the materials to make a beautiful tablescape yet. Hopefully with more garage saling I will eventually. However, I just had to show off my plates that I got at a garage sale this year. For a set of 4 they were $2.50. Now to find a tablecloth that fits my table and goes with them.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Garage Sale Saturday

So DH excitedly got me up this morning and said "Let's hit 'em." I wasn't quite awake enough to get excited yet. So we hit a couple of sales where the prices were so high I'm really wondering if they wanted to sell their stuff. We also hit some great deals also. We hit an estate sale where a lady had went into a retirement home and her kids were selling her stuff. She had two storage locker full and me and DH got burnt out from digging through all the boxes. The stuff was marked high but one man said he was willing to make deals. So I talked him down on everything.

Pictured here

- Bench $8
- Birdcage $2
- Two lampshades and two white S&P shakers were a deal for $4
- Depression glass and bag with white S&P shakers - .50 cents
- Shredder $2
- Pretty box - $1
- Candle holders $2
- Basket $2
- Anchor Hocking Mixing bowl $1
- Chrome basket - .25

Not Pictured - DH got his mom some roosters for $1.75, Portable Air Compressor $5 and a bag of Pecan Shellers & Crackers $1

Friday, June 26, 2009

Frugal Friday

So this afternoon decided to go check out a consignment shop and a flea market in a town close to ours. This is what I got.

The Plate rack was $3, The movie was $3, The hummingbird feeder was $1 and the picture of Michael Jackson was free (it has something wrote at the top with the signature Michael but it doesn't look like any of his signatures from the net). The cute purse came from my Secret Sister who also runs the consignment store. Isn't it cute.

Here's the picture frame I bought at GW last week. Looks great black

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Want to Enter Another Great Giveaway

Vintage Bella Studio has Vintage linens and all sorts of other goodies she's giving away. Drop on by and enter

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This has been a sad week - Sunday my best friends dad passed away from cancer. Yesterday a couple that goes to our church lost their 5 month old son. Please pray for the Stanley and Crawford families.

On to the giveaway - no I'm not having it but wanted to post the link to share.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Garage Sales and Thrifting

So this weekend I started out Friday. Found a sign for one garage sale, followed it and found nothing. About to give up especially since it was 2 in the afternoon but seen another sign and decided to check it out. The garage sale was still going on, I passed it up twice but my kids finally seen it and we made a stop. They still had a lot of stuff, nothing I found too interesting though. Spent $2 and got copy of a book called The Oath (still had original price sticker of $12.99 on it) and a movie that I'm sure I haven't seen before.

Saturday morning DH woke me up at 6:45 and said go check out that Moving sale you read about in the paper. Apparently moving sale is a new name for garage sale and these people had every intention of moving their stuff with them at the prices they had marked. Bought nothing.

Saturday afternoon we hit two GW's. The first I had just missed out on buying a set of chairs for $6 - drat. But did get a cute basket thingie with bowls that sit inside. Unfortunately they had seperated the bowls and the basket and sold them seperately and someone had already snatched up two of the bowls. I'll keep my eye out and hopefully one day find two more bowls to go in it. Also one of the ladies that works there had just brought some more stuff out in a buggy and I snatched up this pretty cross with one of the Proverbs on it. Taped to it was this wooded spoon and pinwheel (don't know why). Got DD this Barbie as Rapunzel tape and a soft drink. Spent $7 and change.

Stopped at GW #2 and ended up purchasing this DVD for $3.99 - this cute little bathtub soap holder which I'm going to paint, this picture frame which I'm also going to paint and DH found 2 t-shirts. Spent $9 and change. Also got to hear an interesting conversation about how GW must had forgotten what they are based on their prices lately. I agree.

So my total for this weekend $17 and change.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Giveaway

I'm joining a giveaway today - check it out


Daily Thoughts

Can't wait until tomorrow - get to go thrift shopping. Woo-hoo. On another note am I the only one who gets disappointed in the way the house is decorated. Sometimes I just want to start all over. I told hubby this morning that I was going to have one more garage sale and get rid of this stuff in here. A lot of it isn't working out too well. Nothing goes together and nothing matches. There are way too many pieces of broken furniture that can't be fixed. Besides you can't do much with particle board furniture anyway. Note to self - start checking stuff before you buy it to make sure it isn't particle board.

So on my shopping list for now.

- Would love two new couches instead of the family hand me downs we have - they neither one match each other
- A dining room table and chairs (to replace our particle board dining table)
- A desk for the living room (to replace our particle board desk that's broke)

I'll leave it at that for now but I have so much still to do when we can afford it. Hopefully when we're done paying child support this year we'll have the extra cash to do it.

My to do list

- Paint the living room and put new flooring down
- New flooring in the kitchen and paint cabinets white
- Paint the bedroom, new flooring and re-attach it (don't ask)
- Paint back bathroom cabinets and all - new flooring and new counters
- Paint Daughters room
- Paint sons room and new flooring and ceilings
- Build storage shed for DH so he can put his tools outside and reclaim back room
- Finish back deck and find some great buys to put out there.
- Finally talk hubby into cutting down huge Oak Tree in front of house. Not only is it a spider den but it's too close to the house and living in hurricane territory that's not good.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clean House

So I've got this set on my DVR and watch every new episode. I am so jealous of anyone who lives near one of these yard sales. Seriously, I watch this show and see them selling stuff that is so nice. However, aren't their prices a little steep. Hmm, I guess in California everything is a little pricier but seriously for some of that stuff the price they want for it - I'm about to fall out of my chair in shock.

Can't wait to see the Messiest Home in the Country again though. Remember last year the closet full of cat poo. Gives me the chills thinking about it. Ewww.

Anyway, now that I'm not hurting anymore like last night I have the inspiration to clean out a little bit and take some stuff that I know isn't going to sell in a garage sale to Goodwill this weekend.

Then to get the grocery store ads and start mapping out the coupon stops for this weekend starting with Kroger. Seriously, I love this game. See how much you can get at the grocery store for little to nothing. No, I don't buy food I would never eat. Well, there was the case of the Marie Callendar's Pasta Al Dente's but in my defense they looked good and I did plan on eating them - until I tasted them. They even made my husband gag and that's pretty hard to do.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Hillarious Son & Daughter

So we're sitting here watching a Johnny Quest cartoon and there are a couple guys dressed like skeletons. He says "Wow look at those two boneheads." This coming from a 5 year old just cracks me up.

Also my 7 year old daughter lost another tooth last night. She comes and wakes me up this morning waving a dollar bill saying "Mommy, look my tooth turned into a dollar."

Monday, June 15, 2009

This weekends garage sales.

So I'm starting this blog off with my garage sale brags for the weekend. It started Thursday when I went to a garage sale that my husbands aunt has monthly and found 7 pairs of school pants for my son for anywhere from .50 cents to $1 each pair. I also found my daughter two skorts and a school uniform shirt. Picked up some other items of clothes such as jeans and shorts for the kids and a skirt for me. Then I found my teapot. $5 was a little more than I'm used to paying but I thought it was so pretty.

Saturday we got up late and went into town but decided to stop at some garage sales along the way. Hubby picked up a flat full of glasses for $1.50. Also found daughter a Pixter which she has been enjoying. Hit the sales at Kroger and saved $40 with coupons. Not my best totals but they didn't have a very good sale. Here's some more of this weekends highlights. The candle burner says "If the shoe fits buy it in every color." $1 for it and $3 for the mirrored tray it's sitting on.