Friday, October 23, 2009

Goodwill 10/23

So today I had to make a drop off at Goodwill (see I'm not a clutterbug after all) and while there I decided to go ahead and check out what they had on the inside. I ended up with several Christmas gifts for the kids for only $7.

Then it was off to Kroger. I used my fall savings rewards and got some pretty good savings.

I'm planning on going back to Kroger tonight because I have a few coupons I forgot that I wanted to use on sale items. Plus we're going to the home improvement store since I have a $10 off of $20 or more coupon that expires tomorrow. I need to pick up a couple things there for our living room project.

Happy Thrifting.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Newest Deals

So I haven't been able to garage sale this past week due to rain and hubby's new Chiropractor which is getting most of my garage sale funds. But we did hit a couple sales and here are our finds.

I actually got 4 of these - one is in use - on sale at WalMart for $6 - free minus $6 off coupon.

I got 3 of these but DH has already tore into one. Target had them on Clearance for $5.55 and minus $4 manufac. coupon - paid $1.55 each. Not bad since the refills are pricey.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday - Oh My

Boy am I tired - two trips to town garage saling - would have only been one if we'd went in the truck the first time instead of the car. Instead we had to go back to pick up stuff we'd bought. I know I usually have a set budget for garage sales but we kept finding so many bargains we blew budget big time. Here's some of the highlights - we also ended up with some clothes, a new front door for $20, and a new mirror for the house for $10 (hubby's decision - I told him until I get back in shape I get tired of seeing myself in mirrors LOL).

Candle holder $2, white figurine was in a free box and movie $1 (hope it's good - never seen it)

I thought these were so cute for $2 and just in time for Halloween

This came from my last garage sale of the day and what a buy at $20 - I've just got to find some pretty cushions for it.

I hardly ever find shoes in my size. However, today was my lucky day at $1 a pair

DH's buy - he thought these guys were cute $2

My two purses - the chili pepper one was $1 and the purple one was a little more than I like to spend but why not at $3

I've kind of wanted to start a collection of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. I figure if I get tired of it they can always go in my next garage sale. Plus I figured this little scarecrow was perfect for my fall decor.

Until next time - Happy Thrifting. Don't forget to add yourself to my followers list to keep up with the garage sale fun.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Two Purses Under $10

So today I decided to get out of the house and explore town a little bit. Boy am I glad I did. First stop was Family Dollar - hoping to get my hands on some free Marcal towels (didn't happen) I did find the yellow purse below sitting in a clearance buggy marked down to $1.80.

Next door is Stage - I've always got to visit Stage to see if any purses are on sale for 70%. No 70% sale today but as I was browsing the 50% rack I saw the white purse and saw it was marked $12.00. When I got to the register they took an additional 40% off so it only cost me $7.60 with tax.

Tomorrow, for the first time in 3 weeks (yes, I know withdrawal city) I'm hitting the garage sales again. I have 19 garage sales on my list and a handful of church sales and neighborhood sales so I'm hoping to post some great buys. Until then - Happy Thrifting.