Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday - Oh My

Boy am I tired - two trips to town garage saling - would have only been one if we'd went in the truck the first time instead of the car. Instead we had to go back to pick up stuff we'd bought. I know I usually have a set budget for garage sales but we kept finding so many bargains we blew budget big time. Here's some of the highlights - we also ended up with some clothes, a new front door for $20, and a new mirror for the house for $10 (hubby's decision - I told him until I get back in shape I get tired of seeing myself in mirrors LOL).

Candle holder $2, white figurine was in a free box and movie $1 (hope it's good - never seen it)

I thought these were so cute for $2 and just in time for Halloween

This came from my last garage sale of the day and what a buy at $20 - I've just got to find some pretty cushions for it.

I hardly ever find shoes in my size. However, today was my lucky day at $1 a pair

DH's buy - he thought these guys were cute $2

My two purses - the chili pepper one was $1 and the purple one was a little more than I like to spend but why not at $3

I've kind of wanted to start a collection of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. I figure if I get tired of it they can always go in my next garage sale. Plus I figured this little scarecrow was perfect for my fall decor.

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The Queen of Clearance. said...

some great deals there. I like that movie that you got! I would have bought it for a dollar too. Its not like the best movie ever but it is pretty good! I use to looove raggedy ann and andy!

Terry said...

My girlfriend collects Raggedy Ann and Andy things and she would be so jealous of you! Great finds!

Rooster Inn Primitives said...


Wanted to stop by and thank you for stopping by my blog and joining in on my blog give away and to wish you good luck..

Great deals on the sales.


Amanda said...

Wow, I want those spiders. And the wicker couch is to die for.