Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Decor

Here in Louisiana we have some of the craziest weather during the Fall months. One days is freezing cold and then the next it's in the 80's. Due to all the changes in the weather we know these as the sick months. Unfortunately, sickness did not skip our house this year. This past week the little guy had Bronchitis, I was down with a bad case of the flu and DH and DD are coughing up a storm.

We did manage, however, to get the tree and curio cabinet decorated before Mr. Sickness came to visit.

During one of my "I'm tired of looking at clutter and it all needs to go to Goodwill" sessions a few years ago I lost the cord to my digital camera. I've since replaced the camera but never got rid of the old one because I had some pictures on there I didn't want to loose. My sweet DH was digging through a box of old cords the other day and actually found a cord that would work with my old camera so I could transfer my pictures to my computer.

I always thought this was the cutest picture. You can guess we had just finished watch the movie Signs and my kids were in desperate need to protect their thoughts LOL. You'll have to excuse my dirty kitchen please - I tried to camoflauge it :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthdays and Holidays

Ahh, the Holidays. One of the busiest time of the year for most people, myself included. Last weekend we had a big birthday party for my little guy who turned 7. He loves dinosaurs so we had a dinosaur themed party. It turned out great.

Today has me busy taking down all the fall decor. DH and I decided to go ahead and decorate for Christmas early since it takes so long to put it all up. So I've got the Christmas music going in the background and hopefully will have lots of pics to share soon.

Until next time . . .