Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Fun

I didn't participate in Today's Thrifty Treasures at Ms. Rhoda's yesterday. I did go to Goodwill but didn't find anything worth picturing. I picked up a Point of Grace Greatest Hits CD set for .99 - which leads me back to my earlier discussion on Goodwill's prices. A 2 CD set was .99 - on down the rack was another of their CD's with only 10 songs on it for 3.99 ???????

I also found a jumbo box of Pampers Kandoo wipes for $6.99. There were 350 wipes and a wipes case inside. The box was beat to heck and back but everything was inside and unopened. DS uses a lot of these so hopefully these will last him a while.

DS went with us that day and also found himself a book and a pair of Rustler blue jeans and DH found some brand new Napa Auto Parts caps for .99 each.

Hopefully, I'm going to have some pictures of the kiddos playing in their newest surprise posted on the blog this week. I finally traded in some of those Amazon GC's I've been earning from Swagbucks and bought the family a pool. The kids are so excited and Mr. UPS man should be delivering it today.

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Jingle said...

nice to read you,
I try to find your pink Saturday post...