Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Traditions

Pink Saturday at - Pink Saturday

While posting this I realized that most of my pictures from last years Christmas got lost when I restored my computer. WAAAHHH!! But the show must go on. Beverly wanted us to post our Christmas traditions for this week. Christmas is normally a busy time of the year for us. It starts with school plays on the last day before break. Then it's time for the church play and banquet. Then comes Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Normally spent with my family we always make sure to spend Christmas with my grandparents. Christmas Eve finds us over there opening presents and then Christmas Day finds us all over there cooking and eating. Here are some pictures from Christmas' past for your enjoyment.

Opening presents at Nana's house - look at all that paper everywhere - LOL

Looks like Santa made a stop by Grandma's that year.

At the church Christmas Banquet last year. The only photo of Christmas I had left from last year.


ThriftyAnnabella said...


Susie Jefferson said...

It might be a mess, but that's traditional too - and it looks like your kids are having a whale of a time! So I wouldn't worry.

Have a very Happy Pink Saturday!

Elizabeth said...

Your son looks so happy and proud!!

claudie said...

I like a mess...looks like fun. I'm sure your grandparents appreciate all of you very very much.
Merry Christmas
Love Claudie

Cottage Rose said...

Happy Pink Saturday; What great Christmas photos,,, have a great weekend...

Merry Christmas