Tuesday, August 31, 2010

American Pickers and more

Sunday there was a marathon of a show I had been hearing a little about but had never seen. So, curiosity got the best of me and I scheduled my DVR to record it. I spent hours yesterday watching and even got the hubby to watch with me. We both loved it.

The show is called American Pickers and it airs on History Channel. For anybody who loves junking and flea markets you have got to check this show out. You will be hooked. To find out more about it visit their site at the History Channel by clicking the link below.

American Pickers

As I mentioned in earlier posts I am on a mission right now to get my home organized. I may even make room for more goodies. LOL, I know, typical junker always thinking about the next find. I did complete one project this week that I had been putting off. I was hoping to find one of those nice three drawer plastic bins at a garage sale this summer but alas it didn't happen. So, instead, I finally broke down and picked one up at WalMart and now my leftover linens that I had stacked on the bench at the end of my bed now have a place to call home. Now, my bench is cleaned off and we can sit down when putting our shoes on again. Yah!!

With the start of September coming up this week I'm also contemplating getting all the Fall decor out of the attic and getting busy putting it all up. In a way I'm actually excited and looking foward to Fall and all the things that go along with it. I noticed the other day while driving my kids to school that the leaves are starting to change colors. However, I'm not looking forward to the freezing cold days of Winter.

Sorry this wasn't the best shot I could get. Hopefully, I'll get some better ones later.

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Laura Lynn said...

Way to go on getting organized.

I love American Pickers! I've been watching it from the beginning because it's my dream job. My mom used to take me to do stuff like that when I was a kid. So much fun. For now I have to go to flea markets but the hunt there is good too!

Deborah said...

Love them too. I have missed quite a few episodes but I sometimes get tired of all the junk (mantiques). They have great personalities though and i wouldn't mind knowing them. I had to laugh at your garage sale post below. I can never resist free stuff. Last week I went to the Flea market and this guy was desperate to go home so he started selling everything for $1 then 50c. Of course I couldn't resist and came home with a lot more than I originally intended to buy. LOL