Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Spring Garage Sales

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Yesterday DH and I decided to go into the city to check out all the garage sales. We didn't go to many garage sales last year after taking a small break so we weren't sure what to expect. There were quite a few of the "I got all this stuff at storage auction" sales. Now that all the Storage War shows are popular I look to be encountering quite a bit of that this summer. I tend to find these garage sales to have high prices although at one of them I did find a mini George Foreman grill for $4. Nothing else, though.

I also came across a couple of those "I'm an Extreme Couponer" sales where the only thing really being sold were toothpaste, body wash and anything else you can get with a coupon. I have nothing again couponing and use coupons myself - it's just when I go to garage sales that's the last thing I'm out hunting is more body wash and toothpaste.

At the first house we stopped at I purchased these three things.

I saw this great tablecloth still in the package for $5. Figuring it was still brand new and had never been used I didn't mind paying that for it. I later discovered when I got home and unfolded it that it was only made to look like it never been used. It actually had a nice yellow stain on it and the people had ironed it and folded it neatly and placed it back in the package. I would like to call that False Advertising and have now learned that even though it looks brand new it may not be.

Check out these nice embroidered flowers though. I'm going to try to treat the yellow stain and see if I can't get it out of the cloth.

I also picked up this nice Sterlite organizer. It looked like this when I bought it but I have since scrubbed it with a magic eraser and removed the masking tape and it looks brand new again. I've been wanting one of these for DD to use in her room to keep her hair bows organized.

My final purchase from this house was this cute T-Shirt. I told DH I may have to wear this to the next family reunion. ;)

The next garage sale had mostly children's items. There was one table full of t-shirts for .50 a piece and I found 4 great ones to wear around the house. As mentioned in an earlier post I love peace signs and was real excited to find this one.

The next few garage sales mostly had baby clothes and baby items - nothing I'm looking for. In another neighborhood we came across a garage sale that was hidden behind a house and we actually passed it up a couple times before we finally found it. I'm glad we did because it was there that I found these two nice jackets.

Our final stop of the day was at a benefit garage sale for a lady with cancer. Really the only thing they had was tables full of clothes. They were telling everyone to fill a bag for $1. I dug around for a little while but these were the only two things I came up with.

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Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

I love the embroidered tablecloth and I hope you can get the stain out! I agree with you, that was false advertising and very misleading!

Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

You found some great things at good prices! I have several of the Sterlite organizers. If you don't get the stain out of the tablecloth, you may consider dying it. That may hide the stain.

Susan said...

That embroidered table cloth is gorgeous! My favorite of your finds is that chocolate brown cardigan with the turquoise.

Pam said...

Love the tablecloth! I hate those couponing yard sales too. Don't buy all that stuff if you can't use it!

Adie said...

I have great success with removing stains by soaking in Oxyclean powder dissolved in hot water. Use a big bucket or something similar. Soak until the stain comes out - it might take a week or more. Good luck! It's a beautiful tablecloth even though they were dishonest.

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