Friday, May 20, 2011

Two Days of Mega Sales

Another weekend is almost here and it sure has been a busy week. I am looking forward to the garage sales this weekend and sure hope the rain holds off.

Wednesday morning I made a quick run to Kroger to take advantage of the Wisk deal. Wisk is on sale this week for $3.99 a bottle. However, at the register a $2 Catalina will print out for every bottle that you purchase. Then using the $2 coupon that was in last Sunday's paper makes for free laundry detergent. My total for all this was $34.34 and the register printed out $12 in Catalina's to be used for my next order.

Thursday, DH decided that he wanted to go back to town to hit the Albertson's Mega Sale. However, our Albertson's is bad about not restocking the shelves so everything we went for was out of stock. So we decided since we were already in town we would stop by Kroger again and use the $12 in Catalina's that were printed out Wednesday. Our grand total for day two was $40.91 for all of this.

Day one had 68% savings and day two brought 63% savings. Unfortunately, we don't have stores around here that do unlimited doubles up to $1 like they show on "That Show." Trust me, if you've ever watched it you know what show I'm talking about. So for the land of limited doubles up to .50 I'm always thrilled to get 60-70% savings.

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