Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodwill and Forest Fires

Linking up for these two parties this week.

Pink Saturday


Thrifting hasn't gone quite as well as I would have wanted this week. I've been looking forward to a big storage sale that DH's cousin is hosting for a few weeks now. Unfortunately, I found out she's going to be hosting it in a small town about an hour away from our home. That's a little too far for me to travel for just one sale so I've decided to pass on it.

I did, however, make my first trip to Goodwill for the year. Along with three skirts, one of them being a Levi's denim skirt, I came home with these four beauties.

I didn't really look them over too good though, just put them in the cart and brought them home. However, when I got home and unwrapped them and took the $1.99 price tags off I noticed that they said on the bottom "Made Exclusively for Dollar Tree stores." Ugh, Goodwill did it to me again. I was a little frustrated that I had paid $1 more than what they originally cost brand new but since they're pretty I'll still enjoy them. I especially love the ones in the blue and purple dresses.

I don't know about anyone else but this is the second time I've had this happen to me. Once while at a flea market I bought two plates for $2 a piece to use in a wall hanging. I thought I had gotten a really good bargain, that is until I visited the Everything is $1 store and saw a huge stack of my plates selling for $1 a piece. Disappointment reigned that weekend.

On another note yesterday afternoon I got in my car and left to go get my kids from school. Upon getting down the driveway I noticed a huge mass of black smoke rising in the air from across the road. Since we live in the country we're pretty much surrounded by woods so I knew it probably wasn't someone's house. Apparently the fire in the woods got out of control fast. Before I made it down the road a little piece I was met by fire trucks coming from every direction. By the time I got the kids and tried to get back home all the highways were closed. We did manage to make it to our house and sat on the porch most of the afternoon watching fire trucks and cop cars flying up and down the highway. I wish I had had my camera with me to take a picture of the big mass of black smoke. I'm sure you could see it for miles. Unfortunately, last night all the smoke came down to ground level and we seriously thought we were going to have to leave our house and find somewhere to stay for the night. There was smoke so thick outside and it was coming in the house. So today I plan on trying to air the house out if the smoke lifts. This is what it looked like outside my house this morning - still smokey but not quite as thick as it was last night.

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wow glad all is well at your home after all that smoke! I hate that when they price a dollar tree item for more then it originally sold for. I have seen these items so I 'try' not to buy them but I've had some close calls. STILL they are very pretty. Thanks for joining JFF this week! hugs, Linda

The Urban Chic said...

I have had some close calls also ,but I let them know when I see something that was marked dollar tree, so then they mark it down to 59cents, so if it's something I missed, I will usually pay that for it. I haven't been thrifting lately. I had a heart attackk on Valentine's Day and I am only 61, so it threw me for a loop. Seems they missed it on the last angiogram in October and my cardiologist is hotter than a pepper. hope you find some new goodies to share. Hugs, pat

EFT and Tapping said...

Those dresses are pretty and cute!

Char said...

For such a sweet person you had your share of disappointments this week. I am most sorry about the fire, but at least you, family and home are fine.
I would think the moral of the story is to check all the labels and make sure they don't say dollar store. :( On another note, they are so cute!!
Happy Pink Saturday, Char

A Garden of Threads said...

The dresses are cute. Glad your house is still standing and you did not have to leave. Enjoy the weekend.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

We have fires like that in surrounding areas...always scary!
Our Sally also prices some DT items higher ... I think that whoever prices them just has no clue.
hope your Pink Saturday is happy.

Anonymous said...

Love the dresses. Still a good price, but disappointing when they price things up. I've never had that experience when thrift shopping - that I'm aware of. Love thrifting too. Happy pink Saturday

Lisa x

LV said...

Too bad your fun shopping day turned out to be so frightening. We are having so many grass fires here. So very dry. Several homes and a few people have been lost. Still no rain coming. I am glad your home was spared.

Gabriela Delworth said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Great gowns!

~ Gabriela ~

Anonymous said...

Love the dress stands. Dropping by from Pink Saturday!


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Awww, that's too bad!! I've seen similar things happen thrifting. The dresses are totally adorable though!

Anonymous said...

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