Thursday, November 19, 2009

Foodie Friday

Joining Foodie Friday

Tonight I had planned on cooking pork chops, okra and tomatoes and squash. However, DH had other plans. In he walks with a big bag containing something we Cajuns love to eat.


What goes best with boudin in my opinion - sweet tea. But when you don't have any made the next best thing . . .

Ice cold Coca Cola Classic.

Here is a link I found on the web that explains boudin and how it's made - enjoy!


Jane said...

I am so glad you added the link for Boudin because I don't know what that is. But if it goes well with Coke it must be good!

The Urban Chic said...

Thank you visiting my. Ohhhhhh, my favorite snack, except I can't eat as much as I would love to. People up North do not know what they are missing.
Love your bargains, as I am always on the look out for good bargains. I am called the Thrift Queen by my friend. Big Hugs, Pat

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I enjoyed watching a food network show on the stuff and how its made. I dont have to tell you. Enjoy!
I do have to thankyou- a sincere heartfelt thankyou for inviting Alma to Thrifty Thursday! So sweet of you! Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving. Thanks for being a Bloggeritaville friend!!!I am thankful for you!
Tales from Bloggeritaville

Sarah said...

Boudin! I'd never heard of it, but went to the link and read all about it. Thanks for sharing this. My husband would like this. ~ Sarah